Krklec i roditelji

Vjenčanje roditelja Gustava Krkleca

Otac Gustava Krkleca, August Krklec

Majka Gustava Krkleca, Hermina
rođena Wells

Obitelj Krklec u Maruševcu, 1905.

Gustav Krklec, prva fotografija

Gustav Krklec, 1905.

Gustav Krklec i sestra Hermina 1906.

Stanka Krklec, sestra Gustava Krkleca

Gustav Krklec sa majkom Herminom

Gustav Krklec sa sestrom Herminom



Metel Ožegović

Baron Metel Ožegović was born on 4 May 1814 in Zagreb. He was educated in Zagreb and Pest and was a great follower of the Illyrian movement, which he considered to be mainly a literary movement

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History of the library

Founded in 1838. A lot more space than this would be needed if one wanted to count (even if only in note form) all our changes, plans (whether realized or not), objectives and attempts to serve our purpose.


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