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Sveti Jeronim
Sveti Jeronim
St. Jerome (Stridonius, Dalmatia 347 – Betlehem, 420) was one of the most learned people of his time. He spoke Latin, Greek, Syrian, Arabic, Hebrew and Armenian. His translation of the Bible is known as the Vulgate. Besides translation, he wrote books on monks’ life, theology and aesthetics. He is considered to be the author of the Glagolitic script. He is portrayed holding a book and a pen, and often too he is shown with a lion, from whose paw, according to a legend, he once drew a thorn. His feast day is on 30 September.














Sveta Katarina
Sveta Katarina
St. Catherine of Alexandria (died between 306 and 313). According to a legend, she outwitted 50 philosophers with her great knowledge and rhetoric skills. In many paintings she is portrayed as virgin and martyr with Christ offering her an engagement ring. She is often portrayed with a book and a wheel, which is a symbol of her martyrdom. Her feast day is on 25 November.













Sveti Lovro
Sveti Lovro
Saint Lawrence (died 258) was born in Spain. According to a legend, the Pope took him to Rome where he was in charge of all the Church’s treasures, but he gave it all away to the poor. He was known for his stamina. He is mostly portrayed with an iron grill which is a symbol of his martyrdom, and sometimes with a book and a cross in his hand or giving out charity. His feast day is on 10 August. The meteors falling on that day are called the “Tears of St Lawrence”.






























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Metel Ožegović

Baron Metel Ožegović was born on 4 May 1814 in Zagreb. He was educated in Zagreb and Pest and was a great follower of the Illyrian movement, which he considered to be mainly a literary movement

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History of the library

Founded in 1838. A lot more space than this would be needed if one wanted to count (even if only in note form) all our changes, plans (whether realized or not), objectives and attempts to serve our purpose.


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