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Administrative work

    The Public library performs a central administrative role for national and school libraries in the Varaždin county, according to the rules in force – The Law on Libraries (Narodne novine nr. 105/1997, 8/1998, 104/2000) and the Rule book on administrative function of libraries in the Republic of Croatia (Narodne novine nr. 43/ 2001).

The Minister of culture, in agreement with the Minister Science, Education and Sports decides which libraries can gain the status of a central administrative institution by the motion of the Croatian librarian council.

Administration office in the Public Library is in charge of performing the administrative work which cooperates with the librarians in respective departments when carrying out different tasks. 


County administration office

    County administration office performs a central administrative role for national and school libraries, follows their structure and operations, advises on issues of  managing space and running the library,  coordinates  the libraries’ work, advises on developing new departments, encourages formal training, follows equal development of library services, suggests ways of introducing data systems in libraries…

    The administration office is in charge of around 60 national and school libraries in the Varaždin county with the task of reporting to their founders, the National University Library, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports…

    The Public Library (founded 1947), in addition to its regular activities, started its supervision of different kinds of libraries in the area very early, before it was bound to do it by official regulations. It is evident from the Report on libraries (in factories Varteks and Florijan Bobić, dated 2 April 1948), from the Inventory of the National library in Biškupec from the same year, from the registry on the analysis of library stock from 1953 and other documents. The librarians, members of the Croatian Society of librarians   gave professional help to school librarians, as noted in the short report form the 4th society assembly.


Metel Ožegović

Baron Metel Ožegović was born on 4 May 1814 in Zagreb. He was educated in Zagreb and Pest and was a great follower of the Illyrian movement, which he considered to be mainly a literary movement

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History of the library

Founded in 1838. A lot more space than this would be needed if one wanted to count (even if only in note form) all our changes, plans (whether realized or not), objectives and attempts to serve our purpose.


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